Happy Mother’s Day

Just recently the Mother’s Day passed and we not all but some celebrated it with our most loved mother. We cut beautiful cakes and made her day special.
But there are many mothers out there who are left deserted and living thier life alone and with lots of pain inside her. Have we ever thought of it why??? People are so harsh in I’ll treating thier mother . When they become old, people throws them out of the house. They become burden on them. Doesn’t it feel rediculous??? Doesn’t it feel sad and painful??
Today at this stage and era of the world and literacy we used to forgot thier contribution and sacrifices. We are so busy in our day to day hectic life that we never able to look after them.
“Mother” as the word itself radiates so many emotions, sentiments, care, love and affection. How can we unsee those feelings and emotions and love. We will never realise her untill we feel for her.
Do you know? the day, the sperm cells mingled with the eggs and started forming self inside her body, she carried us since then for forever. She became very careful and conscious since then. She never knew that whats happening inside her body.how she is building or developing her child but she was very careful and strict in her everyday approach to her life. She started doing her household activities very slowly and carefully. She even travelled very carefully. If someone from her family members advices her regarding what kind of food she should eat or how she should walk or how she should do her house hold works ,she used to take everything seriously and followed her sincerely.
Do we ever wondered why??? Why she was doing and behaving in such a different manner?
The only thing which was forcing her to do such things was her love for her child. It was the love who makes her strong for her upcoming child. She can put herself in danger but she can’t put her child in danger. That was the level of her love and care for her upcoming child.
Days passed by, and the final day comes where the mother has to go under the knife for her child. Let me tell you one thing here. Have you ever went for a bigger surgery or a operations., Where you have to go under the knife. Have you ever felt anything before approaching to the operation theatre. But a mother without any hesitation or worry or forcefully does this. She happily goes for it. Some operations fails and in that some mother dies on the spot they never ever able to see her child. But see the courage of her. She doesn’t know weather she will be come alive or not, she will b able to see her child or not but she never fears for it.
The moment her child comes out of her body by seeing her the pain tolerant mother smiles and cries happily. She forgots everything by looking at her child. Her child’s first cry makes her more strong and courageous and determined. That moment onwards she takes a self pledge that whatever happens in her life, she will never neglect her child and his/her future, health and education.
Her struggle becomes her habit. She does her house hold works painlessly and carefully in order to feed her child timely. She cares for her child, gives her best clothes and food and looks after her child. Days passed by as her child grows she gave her child best education and teaches good manners and behaviour. Which we call it “ Sanskara”.
There comes a time when the child does job and starts earnning a living. Gets married and starts a family. The day this things happen they forgot to care for thier mother. They forgot to look after her. They forgot to care for her. And since then the problem of neglectism starts. And slowly slowly it poison the entire mother and child relationship. Since then we forgot her care , sacrifices and her love and the problems she has faced for us during our growing up years.
Let me tell you one more thing, when we were a kid or baby she was always there with us. She used to clean our potty. Even sometimes we do potty unknowingly on her. But she didn’t even hated us. But when she in her old age do the same thing, we feel so much uncomfortable that we take them and leave them in old age homes.
Isn’t it shame for us??
Let’s change our view and thought towatour mother. How hard we try, we can’tgive her back the love and care she did for us. Or her sacrifice. But atleast care for her and love her till the time she is with us. And one more thing the way we treat them , the same way our children will treat us in our old age time. So let’s remove the black cloth from our eyes and starts looking after them.
Lastly, whenever you are and in whichever situation you are, it’s all because she used to pray for you. Like people say, when someone become successful in life it is only for four things, that is:-
1. The person’s own hard work
2. The Blessings of the Teachers
3. The Blessings of the parents
4. And the blessings of god.

So I think I have said enough about the topic.so let’s rectify our thoughts and feelings towards our mother and on this special day make her feel special and important.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers and I thank you all from the core of my heart for tolerating us and standing by us in all our life‘s journey. And giving us an opportunity to see the God’s beautiful creation called “Earth”.
Thank you.


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