We are the creator and destroyer of our self and this beautiful planet Earth.

There is a saying in English that is “ As you sow, so you reap”. You all very well know what it means. You must be wondering why I said you all about it? The most obvious reasons is “we”. We the so called human kind.
Today if we are suffering, it’s because of us and our works. Development and growth is not wrong. Neither I am against of it. But we never understood the importance of this development and growth. If I will take you back to the history,you will find numerous examples of it. We invented and discovered many things for the betterment of ours but at the same time we misused it.
Doing mistakes is not wrong at all. Even I should say we all should do mistake in our life. But the most important thing is we should learn from our mistakes and not to repeat it over times. But that is the one thing we never did. We invented, we discovered, and we used it sometimes right and sometimes wrong. But we never learned anything form it and never rectified our fault and self.
Because of which we never realised that how dangerously we are moving towards the end.lets take a example. Say we are moving in a car or bike, let’s say in the journey from place A to place B there will be many obstacles in the way. But we are not aware of those. And we drove very high speed. And suddenly we encountered a near miss. We never realised our mistake and did the same thing again. But if we will not learn form our past mistakes and do the same thing again and not drive very carefully den we may end up in some accidents, which may be very dangerous. Either we will die or we make become handicap by loosing some of our body parts.
There is a unseen connection between Nature and human kind. If you will see the history of maritime accidents irrespective of the ones which are technical, you will find those who went against the nature and it’s climates or weather, they were ultimate disasters. There were life loss and property loss. Similarly in land also you will find, whenever we went against the nature we encountered big losses. There is a limit to everything, that we should try to understand. But in the verge of technological development we often tends to unseen that and end up encountered bigger losses
If you will go back to the era of our forefathers, You will come to know and learn very important life lessons. In those times they were more healthy and physically fit and they were more strong within in terms of immunity. They were not very much technological advanced. But they were all leading a very happy and satisfied life.
As we developed day by day new things came up. And we forgot one thing that is new things also came up with new dangers. We accepted the new technology and doesn’t give any importance to its associated dangers. As it’s repercussions we witnessed and encountered many health loss and environmental loss.
As we know that if will Squiz the lemon more then it will test bitter. Similarly we did all kinds of development in the field of health, science, medicine and technology name a few. But at the same time we also developed global warming, deadly Diseases, dark web, frequently flooding, frequently Earthquake unsolved mysteries and unexplained science phenomenon to name a few.
We are the greatest creation of God. We should know that we have great potential and power inside. We should be thankful to Almighty for giving us this beautiful planet Earth and to enjoy its hidden treasures. As we take care of our house, we should similarly take care of earth. And protect it throughout all odds and dangers.
In this high time of COVID19 pandemic, we must and should realise the dangers associated to it. How we are going to come out of it? How to completely remove this virus from the mankind? How our upcoming generation will survive? Is it the starting point of destruction of mankind? This is the high time to be very careful and stand together to make this beautiful place virus free and safe for all living beings.
We never fight for our rooms inside in our houses. We always try to stay together and happy. When comes to world why we fight with countries for a piece of land then? Why can’t we all stay happy and help each other and progress together by sharing resources and information. Why we always misuses every invention In a negative way towards our self?
Let me tell you anther example. In this era of internet we can do many things by simply doing a click. There is many things which we can able to do with out physically tiring. Hasel free services. But why we track and follow every activity of a person? Why someone makes a negative use of our cameras and keep tracking us. Why there is money scams happening in the internet? Why someone taking hard-earned money of someone else without any authorization.
Let say Facebook. Because of it we are able to connect with our near and dear ones.we are able to talk to them ,see them etc. But why someone is sharing our personal information to third parties without our permission or consent? We are happy to hear the invention of internet but why we helped to develop the so called dark web?
We know about the effects of refined food products on our body. If someone will say that he or she doesn’t know then I think by now in this COVID19 pandemic situation, they must have known it’s effect on our body. If we know that it can affect badly to our health then why we developed it over time? Why we didn’t put our brain in developing the use of good health products instead? If a surgical knife has been invented for performing surgery then why we use it to kill someone?
By now it’s a high time to spread awareness about the good and bad of everything like technology, food products, health, fitness, exercise, Disease, happiness etc.
As I said you about limitations, we should not go beyond it. No matter how far we fly we should always stay grounded and should not forget our limitations. Every time we cross the limitations, we will have to pay huge in return. We should very well understand this fact and act accordingly. At least from now on we all should be very careful in climbing our future steps towards growth and development.
Let’s take self pledge that we will change our thinking and start looking differently to the environment and technology and mankind. And we all should stand against all the bad effect of this development. And only take the good things.
We are the creator and destroyer of ourselves and the nature around us. If we are damaging this Earth, the we should heal it. If we are damaging human kind then we should recreate it. If we are suffering then we should come out of it. Happiness is our birth right and we should always protect it against all odds.
Let’s reconstruction our planet Earth and make this place a happy and suitable for all living beings. Let’s welcome happiness and prosperity and good health.
Let’s pray to the supreme power together and say with me…Hey God, forgive us for our bad deeds and bless us for a new tomorrow and give us a chance to restart. Protect us from all this bad events and give us strength to overcome from it.
Thank you.


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